Eric Korevaar submitted the following candidate statement to the Secretary of State for inclusion in California's  Official Voter Information Guide (PDF Version) for the June 3, 2014 Primary Election:

As a Ph.D. scientist rather than a career politician, I will bring needed analytical capabilities and innovative thinking to Sacramento.  While simultaneously being the father of young children and a successful entrepreneur relying on good money management skills, I believe strongly that funding for schoolteachers and higher education should take precedence over spending on government overhead.  Therefore, to set an example of fiscal restraint for other state officials, I will cut the Lieutenant Governor’s staff and budget by 50% and accept no pension.  As Lieutenant Governor, most of my energy will be devoted to fighting for your rights to efficient and cost effective government.  I sincerely request your vote and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Lieutenant Governor Candidate Eric Korevaar with Barack Obama
Lieutenant Governor Candidate Eric Korevaar and his wife, Leigh Plesniak, were early campaign supporters of President Barack Obama. (President Obama has not endorsed Eric Korevaar)
Lieutenant Governor Candidate Eric Korevaar with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom. Lt. Gov. Newsom has not yet endorsed Eric Korevaar
On an Elliptigo ride with Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezeghi