I am running for Lieutenant Governor to show that there are still significant cost savings which can be achieved in Sacramento without impacting key state services. There is no reason that the Lieutenant Governor's office needs its current budget or staffing level to help with the responsibilities of the office, and I will get the job done for half of its current cost.  It is appalling that while schoolteachers are still struggling to regain their jobs and fair salaries because of past budget cuts, the proposed budget for California's Legislature is $267 Million (not even counting the Office of Legislative Counsel which actually writes the proposed laws).  This comes to $2.9M per Senator and $1.9M per Assemblyperson, with no budget breakdown or public accountability for how the money is spent and how many people are on staff. We should all ask why this budget can't be cut in half also.  Obviously California's long term budget problems cannot be solved just by cutting some staff in Sacramento, but when elected officials run their offices efficiently and watch every dollar, then they set a good example for other public employees to do the same, and in aggregate this can make a big difference..  I am proud to pay my taxes to help provide needed services, but it is not right for politicians in Sacramento to ask for more sacrifices from the taxpayers without tightening their own belts first.
Unlike career politicians who think of the Lieutenant Governor's job as a stepping stone to another position, I pledge to finish my term of office if elected, and I pledge not to campaign for any other elected office while Lieutenant Governor.
I believe in Fiscal Restraint.  Getting California's finances back on track by managing spending to match expected revenues after the current temporary tax hikes expire should be the number one priority in Sacramento right now.  I aim to do my part to help.
I am: Pro Business
Pro Environment
Pro Education
Pro Solar
Pro Choice
and   Pro California                                                   I request your vote.                                                 Sincerely,  Eric Korevaar

Official Website of Eric Korevaar for Lieutenant Governor 2014, California FPPC # 1362075